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Rajadhani Hypermart is one of the leading Hypermarkets/Supermarkets in Kottarakkara that offers Best Value for Money to every Customer.

Rajadhani Hypermart is Part of Rajadhani Group of Companies based in Neduvathoor, Kottarakara, Kerala. Rajadhani Group was founded in 2013, focuses on Trading, Agriculture, Import/Export business. Rajadhani Gardens, Rajadhani Hypermart and Krishnas International are the three business units under Rajadhani Group of Companies.

Customer Satisfaction is our top most priority and we strive to deliver best value for money to all our customers.

Rajadhani Hypermart is one of the biggest Supermarkets in Kottarakkara. We are the best and largest supermarket in Kottarakkara having 6000+ items under one roof. We offer the best value for money always to our customers and we operate outside the city but very close to the city, which offers a peaceful shopping experience to our customers.

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